Friday, April 8, 2011

Its Been Awhile

Wow,  I can not believe it has been almost a year since i have updated my blog!

We have had a lot happen in the last year that i am hopping to get it all posted including some pics that I have. My camera had been broken but now that i have a new one :) I will be able to update more.

At the end of July we purchased  this home. It is sooo much better that the appartment living that we were dealing with. Justin is now able to run, jump and stomp almost any time that he wants and we are loving that.

As i stated i couldn't get pictures but this is what our house looked like before it was accually ours.


Part of the livingroom 


We have replaced the stove and the kitchen floor.
{not sure whats on the front of the stove but o-well im not purfect :)} 

We are loving the fact that is ours and we can do what we want with it!
We no longer have a bad neighbor living under us :))))
(more pics to come)

I knew that with having propain as our heating sourse it was going to get costly but did not really know how exspensive it would be. We were filling our propain tank twice a month at $350 a fill (ouch!) and our thermastat was between 65 and 67. Dad suggested we look into getting a pellet stove. I got online and looked and looked for one that was going to be easy enough to operate and hopfully not need alot of mantinance other than dumping the ash bucket and the cleaning of the glass door. I found a very nice Harmen stove that I absolutely fell in love with. I am so excited!!! 


Shortly after we we got all moved in we were given this beautiful puppy Bella. She is loved and adored by all. {most days :) when she isn't eating Justins brand new sneakers or anything else she is not supose to have :)}. She has gotten a lot better tho, she knows her toys and will only chew on the bones we give her instead of our things :). She loves to keep Kenny busy with her toys and going back and forth from inside to outside and back out again even if she came in just 30 seconds ago. Bella will wake kenny up and start to pull his blanket off if he is not getting up fast enough for her lol. Bella can do several tricks now, but she won't do it on comand anymore she just does them all for you at once and knows she will get a treat that much faster lol. Bella can sit, stay, lay down, rollover, chase her tail and she can get her own treat when she comes in the house from being outside. There have been a few times where i have opend her treat cuboard and walked away for just a second only to forget to go back and close it. She loves it when I do that!

She is such a beautiful dog! Thanks Gar, Jess and all you munckins :)
we love you all

Our Cristams 2010
We headed to New York to see family and spend the week away from our crazy day-to-day living.
Our friend Marcia and Mike called me up before we left home and asked if I would help decorate my brothers house as a surprise for him. I was all for that! So I went through our decorations and came up with a bunch of stuff to give him.

The crew that helped

making the decorations

The tree, we also decorated the kitchen and the bathroom but no pics to show you.
This was so much fun! With everything that Marcia provided and the things I brought along from home
His place looked like a winter wonderland.

The most awsome moment!
Robert was sick with a really nasty cold and he was working when we arived. We stopped by his work to saay hi and that our trip was good. Then we let the decorating begin. Kenny helped alot also but he didn't end up in the pics for some reason. Justin was a huge help and he tried so hard to stay up untill 12:00am to see Uncle Bob's reaction but he was just too sleepy. I had just gotten my new camera and captured this great shot as he walked through the door from a long, sick, tiring day. :^D

Unfortunatly for my dad he became very ill while we were home. I spent my days at the hospital visiting him in the MICU. It was a very scary time the first few days. With many antibiotics, alot of prayer from friends and family and most importantly the Heavenly Father being with him every step of the way he is doing great. Thank you all for the prayer and many words of encouragement. :)

Christmas morning  SANTA CAME!!

one happy boy

Bella and Gingy

Justin found a Zum Zum budy in his stocking

Very excited over a star wars gift  

Thank you SWC!!!!

He not to thrilled I had him stop to take a picture

Bella loving on Gingy


Kenny loves his chololate coverd cherries!

Justin opend his DSI that he wanted :)

Zhu Zhu pet Ninja game

Cutie pie!

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